Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome volunteers and observers at KidzSPOT and have many opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a career in occupational therapy, physical therapy or speech therapy. Volunteers will be working with a very committed and professional staff and have to opportunity to aide in set-up with a patient, clean rooms after treatments, or assist in office tasks.

Since volunteer time is often requested of our office, we have an application process and calendar schedule that must be accepted prior to start date. If you are interested in learning more about how you can volunteer or observe at KidzSPOT, please read the following guidelines and contact information as given below.

  • What is the dress code at KidzSPOT for volunteers?

The dress code is typically casual business or sporty professional. This may include polo shirts or simple shirts that have no print, slacks, capris or jeans without holes. Volunteers must look neat, clean and professional at all times. Please do not wear excessive jewelry, strong perfume, shorts, dresses or skirts. Shoes are removed when walking on our mats within treatment, therefore sneakers, slip-on shoes and nice flip-flops are within dress code.

  • What is expected of me during my volunteer hours?

All volunteers are expected to help with preparation of treatments and clean up after treatments and will be guided by a staff member. All volunteers requesting 20 or more hours of observation will be expected to assist with tasks that help keep the office clean, organized and running efficiently. You will be asked to sign a HIPPA form declaring your commitment to confidentiality. You will be expected to document your own volunteer hours.

  • How soon can I start volunteering?

In order to get the most out of your time, we schedule volunteers first-come—first serve basis.

  • What information do I need to send to KidzSPOT?

Please send in a short paragraph explaining your reason for volunteering at KidzSPOT with a detailed list of hours needed and scheduling abilities and limitations. Please send them to the appropriate contact and discipline. 


• Occupational Therapy— Kim Coup, OTR/L kcoup@kidzspottherapy.com
• Physical Therapy — Heidi Wesley, PT hwesley@kidzspottherapy.com
• Speech Therapy — Genna Lowe, CCC-SLPglowe@kidzspottherapy.com